Dark Horse Candidate

Director: Liss Platt
79 minute, HD Video

The complexity of father-daughter relationships is explored in this quirky documentary about a queer filmmaker and her constitutionalist father. Using her father’s unofficial candidacy for President of the United States as a pretext for making a documentary about him, the filmmaker takes this opportunity to try to fill in the gaps of his life story as a way of making sense of, and coming to terms with, their tumultuous relationship. Humorous and heartfelt, the film unravels in unexpected ways, revealing legacies born of social class, mental illness, and parenting choices.

Primary Credits:

Producer, Writer, Director: Liss Platt
Director of Photography: Niklas Vollmer
Editors: Liss Platt, Niklas Vollmer
Original Music: Mary Feaster
Sound Edit and Mix: Heather Kirby
Additional Camera and Super-8: Liss Platt
Titles: Tina Matei
Story Consultant: Niklas Vollmer

Funded and supported by: The Ontario Arts Council, The Canada Foundation for Innovation, McMaster ARB Grant, and a residency at the MacDowell Colony